A CHRISTMAS concert saw students from a range of different age groups perform at Bridgwater College Academy.

The event featured music by students in Year Seven all the way up to Year Eleven, with GCSE Catering and Hospitality students serving food.

Carols such as ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ were sung by The BCA Singers to get the night started, followed by an array of solos performed by the likes of Jess Pear, Stephanie Newton and Rebecca Leatt.

Jessica Frampton beautifully recited Over the Rainbow on her trombone, while Rebecca Wilson told her Medieval Tale through means of the haunting sound of the violin.

A huge sing-a-long of ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ drew the concert to a close, which meant celebratory drinks and nibbles in the cafeteria, courtesy of the Year Eleven Catering students.