AS New Year's Eve approaches police in Avon and Somerset are reminding party-goers to put safety first as we welcome in 2013.

Officers will be out on patrol as usual and will be and are working closely with door staff at local pubs and clubs across the region.

They say they want everyone to have a safe night so they've compiled a list of tips to help keep you safe while you enjoy the celebrations.

Securing your home.

•Ensure your home is left secure, windows and doors are locked and alarms set. It sounds simple but one-in-three home burglaries occur after the householder fails to secure their home.

•Consider using timer settings to operate lights and a radio so that would-be burglars believe the house is occupied. If you have them, make sure any PIR motion sensor outdoor lights are working.

•If you have a trusted neighbour, let them know you are out or away so they can keep an eye on your property Personal safety.

•Arrange your transport in advance. Book a taxi from a registered firm or decide who will be the designated driver. Don't drink and drive.

•Don't walk home alone and let friends or family know where you are and where you are going.

•Don't accept lifts from strangers or unregistered mini-cab firms.

•Don't be flash with your cash or mobile phones. Don't withdraw large sums of cash in one go and don't keep it all in one place on your person.

•Don't drink too much - know your limits. Alcohol can make you vulnerable.

Keep it down and carry on home.

•Be aware of noise levels when leaving pubs or parties late at night.

•Alcohol is no excuse. There's an £80 fine for drunken behaviour in public causing harassment, alarm or distress.

•Remember, damaging other people's property is a crime.

If you are a victim or crime or witness a crime taking place then please call police on 999 or 101.