AS Sedgemoor continues to recover from the recent devastating floods, these spectacular photos reveal the scale of the damage left by the barrage of heavy rainfall.

Microlight enthusiast Jeff Thomas captured the wreckage on film from his birds-eye view position flying over the Somerset moors.

He flew between 1,500 and 3,000 feet over Sedgemoor, following the River Parrett from Bridgwater to Langport, cruising across Burrowbridge, Middlezoy and Westonzoyland.

The pilot said: "The scale of the flooding is more extensive than I have ever witnessed before, and I have been flying over these moors in my microlight for many years.

"The flood waters viewed from 2000 feet up extended over such vast areas they gave the appearance more of an inland sea dotted with individual houses appearing as islands on the small outcrops of higher ground still standing above the waters.

"It was also strange to view occasional vehicles driving across the surface of these lakes. These were cars that must have been driven by locals who knew the area extremely well, and who were driving on submerged roads which were invisible from the air."

Hundreds of people are still mopping up after last month’s floods.

Families were forced out of their homes in many areas around Bridgwater, while businesses were left counting the cost of the downpours.

The carnage prompted council officials to hold emergency talks with the Environment Agency to discuss the management of flood waters and assess the damage left by the floods.