PEOPLE in Wellington are being given the chance to help shape the future of their town.

A public consultation is being held tomorrow (November 24) to find out what matters to the people of Wellington as the town council prepares to draw up its neighbourhood plan.

The plan will put members of the public at the heart of decision-making and allow communities to help shape the future.

The consultation will be made up of sections which will all be open for the public’s views.

These will include, transport, the economy, youth action and leisure.

Town clerk Greg Dyke said: “With developments planned at Longforth Farm, Cades II and Jurston Farm in the foreseeable future, Wellington is about to get a level of development in the town which exceeds anything ever seen beforem and if we get it wrong we would live with the consequences forever.

“This is a golden opportunity to shape how we want to see the town develop.”

Court Fields School hall will host the consultation from 10am.