A BRIDGWATER lad is aiming to make a big score in the music world.

Kriston H who has been performing for five years is hoping his latest single Plead, which will be released on iTunes and Spotify in three/ four months will be the break through.

It is currently available to watch on You Tube.

Kriston, 27, who describes his musical as ‘acoustic Indie’ will be appearing at the Purple Spoon Cafe in West Street, Bridgwater on May 25.

He said: “I have been writing songs for 10 years but performing for five years.

“The spark for playing and writing music came about as I wanted to express myself.

“I had learnt the piano, guitar and bass and felt music was the best way I could go ahead and express myself and my feelings.

“I chose to channel my thoughts and feelings into songs which I hope people can relate to.

“I am aiming to release an album in December. I hope to have it completed by October.

“I do not have a title for it at the moment but I do have two songs which will be on the album. These are Boy say Girl and Plead.

"The rest I am currently working on and writing. I am enjoying what I am doing and I have been get- ting a lot of positive feedback about the track Plead and about the gigs. What I have found is my songs and lyrics have matured with me.

“I perform all my songs acoustically, just me and a guitar, but the album will include drums, guitars and an orchestra. I am really looking forward to playing a home town gig.

“It is always great to see familiar faces in the crowd be they family or friends.

“And it is great to get support for my career.”