GET ready for the latest production of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

This latest production is being put together and produced by Muses Theatrical Productions.

After the great success of our debut production ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ at Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre last July, the group is extremely excited to continue its adventure at the recently built McMillan Theatre in Bridgwater.

This latest venture with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels will be on stage at the McMillan Theatre from May 11-13.

The production you can enjoy here is based on the classic comedy film starring Sir Michael Caine and Steve Martin, two fraudsters cross paths and immediately become equally determined to outcon each other.

It is the story of two men competing to swindle an American heiress out of $50,000.

Caine plays the suave, charming British con man Lawrence Jamieson, who believes in conning corrupt, rich people out of their money so he can spend it on culture and a lavish lifestyle.

Martin plays his laddish, arrogant American rival, Freddy Benson, who believes in conning just about anyone in order to get a free meal.

It takes place in the French Riviera.

Realising this town is too big for the both of them, they set a bet to decide once and for all who should be kicked out.

But they soon discover their desires to swindle and attempt to hoodwink a fresh millionaire heiress.

The Tony Award-winning musical is sophisticated, suave with a good dash of mischief – secure your tickets today for one of the finest nights out of 2017.

Tickets on sale now for the musical take on “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” this May, where MusesTP take you to France’s playground, the glamorous French Riviera.

Tickets available at the box office 01278 556677 or by going on line at and the performance times are:

  •  Thursday, May 11- 7.30pm
  •  Friday, May 12 - 7.30pm
  •  Saturday, May 13 - 2.30pm and 7.30pm.