VAMPIRES have held a fascination for countless generations and one of the modern incarnations can be seen in Dracula - The Bloody Truth.

This fast paced, physical comedy has been produced and written by Le Navet Bete.

The company has been together for 10 years touring mainly the South West but also other parts of the country.

After their hilarious performance of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in summer 2016, Le Navet Bete return to Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre on May 4, with their latest production.

One of the founding members is Al Dunn who in Dracula - The Bloody Truth plays six characters including Jonathan Hawker, Lucy Westonera and four other minor characters.

Speaking about setting up Le Navet Bete and what he hopes the group achieve with their performances, Al said: “The group has been together for 10 years.

We started out as a post graduate company from the University of Plymouth.

“We went to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008 and won a few awards and got some five star reviews from critics.

“We are now touring mid sized theatres in the South West and other parts of the country with support from the Arts Council.

“For us theatre is a passion which has turned into our careers and this brings us a lot of pleasure when we get it right.

“Getting it right means doing a lot of hard work.

“When we are on stage we can see the whites of our audiences eyes. We work with our audience as the plays we do are very interactive and as a result we build up strong relationships with them every time we perform.

“As we work this way, we know when we have got it right but at the same time we are our hardest critics.

“We perform all the time and have got to the stage where we can do it backwards as well as forward.

“We all get an adrenaline rush when we get it right. The work we do is fun and we want it to remain fun and the style of the comedy we do is joyful.

This is The West Country:

“That is to say it is physical comedy which is all about timing.

“It goes back to the comedy of Morecambe and Wise, the characters created by Ben Elton, those in Bottom or the comedy of Rowan Atkinson.”

Dracula - The Bloody Truth is directed by one of the UK’s most exciting comedy directors, John Nicholson (Peepolykus) and designed by Phil Eddolls (Mark Bruce Company, Improbable Theatre).

Giving his thoughts about why like vampires, ghost and ghouls, Al said: “I think people like horror as they like to be scared.

“When we do something which is scary and the audience have the fright it is usually followed by a collective laugh.

“For them it is an emotional moment which needs to be released.

“The supernatural is something unknown and things like vampires have been around of hundreds of years.

“The character of Dracula is a very powerful image which is full of charm and seduction.

“This type of character can be seen in Twilight and the Vampire Diaries which are about relationships, charm, seduction and sex.

“I hope by coming to see this show people will see a different side to the story of Dracula and get enjoyment from what they see.

“We enjoy being on stage and in the theatre and what we want to see is growth in the group and the work we do.

“What we want to do is have fun and create a relaxed atmosphere in which people can be relaxed and entertained.”

And entertaining the audience is why Al does what he does. It is a job but one which gives him a lot of freedom.

He said: “Acting for me gives me freedom as the only limitations is our imaginations.

“I am a big fan of film and of novels and I want to take that love for those things and put that on stage. What is good for us is what we are doing we is something we have made, we have created. It is our own work and that makes it very satisfying.

“This show has something for everyone.

“We have had a number of young people who have seen our shows who have been inspired to do something in the theatre or take up acting.”

- Tickets for Dracula - The Bloody Truth cost £13 / £11 Concs.

/ £8 Students.

For more information call the box office on 01823 414141 or visit