FOLK sensation Jim Moray has helped to change the way people perceive, play and present English folk music.

His fearlessness in pushing the boundaries of traditional music is legendary and he’ll be at the Bridgwater Arts Centre to perform his acclaimed album Upcetera.

Accompanied by a nine-piece ensemble including strings, woodwind, piano, double bass and drums, he reimagines traditional ballads as dramatically orchestrated torch songs or a sort of English Fado.

His breakthrough debut album, Sweet England, arrived at a time when, with just a few notable exceptions, traditional music was performed much as it had been in the 1970s to an audience of insiders and aficionados.

Here was something different though, Jim Moray was a Bowie and Blur fan singing ballads with all of his influences on show.

The records that followed (Jim Moray, Low Culture, In Modern History, Skulk) embraced everything from electronica to Johnny Marr-esque guitar rock via symphonic pop, an award winning XTC cover and grime. But at their heart has always been Moray’s unmistakeable soulful and yearning voice; singing old songs in a new way.

“I don’t see any boundaries,” says the 35 year-old musician. “This is popular music and I love popular music.”

As well as launching his own Low Culture Podcast, he has also found the time to contribute three new songs to BBC Dr Who spin-off show Class, and can be seen playing guitar in the final episode.

Bridgwater Arts Centre, February 18 at 8pm. Tickets cost £11.50 for members, £12.50 for non-members and £14 on the door.

You can book yours now by visiting or by calling 01278 422700.