WATERFRONT Theatre Company is booting up to round off The Regal Theatre’s August programme of entertainment in Minehead with The Prince Of Denmark Street, a musical by Fred Owen, based on Hamlet.

Playing from Thursday to Saturday, August 28-30, the scene is Soho and the neon world of Hammy De-Jay, whose nasty Uncle Claudius is president of Elsinore Entertainment Co, the biggest name in the music industry since Simon Cowell.

Hammy De-Jay is not a happy disco-bunny; he suspects Claudius of being involved in his father’s recent demise.

He’s not too sure about Mummy either, especially as she’s just married Uncle Claudius and is so Botoxed she looks younger than her son.

Full of catchy songs and dance numbers, the show offers an evening of colourful escapism in a re-working of Shakespeare’s immortal tale with The Waterfront Theatre doing what it does best.

Performances start at 7.30pm, and tickets costing up to £8 are now on sale at the Regal Box Office (01643-706430). Book on-line at www.regaltheatre.co.uk