SUE Hammond-Lovatt’s artwork is now on show at Burnham Princess’s Arts Lounge until November 23.

Weekly News arts reporter Daisy Blacklock speaks to the lady herself to find out more …

What work will visitors find from you in the Arts Lounge?

I tend to be known for my rather large, bright work on canvases, but I also do a lot on watercolour paper with acrylic.

I work wet-on-wet, so the colours are big and bold, and the medium’s very free.

So this work is somewhat smaller than my usual, and framed.

What kinds of things have you painted?

A lot of trees. I like the way the light comes through the leaves.

Because I work wet-in-wet, with acryclic ink, as the paint dries you can be more specific about branches and other details. I’ve also captured the Somerset Levels. They can have a blue-brown look to them, so I’m working in those colours.

What do you think about the status of Somerset art?

Art in the area is definitely picking up because of Somerset Art Weeks. There was a time when artists would disappear again for months once the festival had finished. Now, we’re working together. I do think that over the 20 years it’s been going, the profile of the artists in the area has risen.

  • Opening times for the Arts Lounge at Burnham Princess Theatre are 10am-3pm, Tuesday to Saturday.